Perhaps to help someone close to you, to become a volunteer, or simply to help support us in our humane and benevolent endeavors ?

No matter the case, we see your membership as a clear evidence of support and a very kind gesture.  Our plan and objective for the near future is to receive authorization to become an officially recognized nonprofit organization.

Your personal commitment to Vi(e)bration can be translated via the willingness to:

  • organize live shows/events for fund-raising purposes,
  • bring the good vi(e)brations with you into all different occasions,
  • through vi(e)bration, calm, amuse, and heal the patients that don’t yet have cures,
  • become close to healthcare professionals,
  • allow the creation of spaces dedicated to alternative medicine.

Becoming a member of Vi(e)bration is to volunteer to give life after a diagnosis to the sick, and to participate in a variety of different events.

Membership entails paying a fee of at least 20 euros which will contribute to the missions of Vi(e)bration and is effective from sign-up date up until the next general meeting.  If you sign up in January, your membership is valid until May 31st of the following year, but you will have to re-enroll in order to vote in the June meeting.

To benefit from the right to vote, you can pay off your membership fee up until the day of the general meeting.  You can simultaneously double your fee with a donation.  At each new year, memberships are automatically renewed via email.

Because these rare diseases aren’t terribly well known to the public at large, the spread of information carried by music seems appropriate to us.  Our unique way of combatting disease inspired us to create this association and we hope that it inspires you too, to invest in us.  Friends, artists, therapists, healthcare professionals…. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!


1) Paypal

2) Wire Transfer

IBAN : FR76 3000 3012 4800 0372 6637 227

3) Check

Membership form to be completed and returned with a check of 20 euros made out to ViEBRATION : Association VIEBRATION – 9, allée de la muscatelle – 13600 CEYRESTE

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