In April 2012, following a routine surgical procedure on her hand, specialists diagnosed someone very close to me with Charcot’s disease; my mother. After receiving this painful news, I started to think with my heart, and so I decided to put my energy into helping others. It was at that moment that I wanted to make my mother a Queen, to thank her for hosting me for the first nine months of my life on this planet!

Today, Queen Elisabeth is paralyzed and unable to speak, and so I decided to fight against all odds, and bring to life as many of her dreams as I could. Having worked in the world of the arts for many years, I used my network for the noble cause of instituting a party for a cause. We named it : VIEBRATION – Music as Medicine, because musical vibrations can create miracles!

After two successful editions in the Ville de la Ciotat, we decided, for this third edition, to create our own association in order to organize these events, which we hold so dear.




The group has many different objectives:
•    Create and put-on live events for fund-raising,
•    Bring good vi(e)bration to the sick through a variety of events,
•    Through vi(e)bration, to subdue, divert and cure diseases that do not yet have remedies,
•    Allow people to travel via the 360 video (virtual reality),
•    Allow the creation of open spaces dedicated to both alternative and traditional medicine.

Vibrations are essential to life, and we have called our group VIEBRATION, music as the service of medicine, to create the parallel between the world of music and the world of medicine.

We will offer different events such as galas, concerts, and festivals… All musical activities in various establishments thanks to new technologies brought to life with virtual reality equipment. In collaboration with healthcare professionals as well as the establishments, we will work with patients to take them out of everyday life, and introduce wellness and entertainment along with hope!

Healing through Vi(e)bration!


I want to take action and :