Edition #2 – Eden Théâtre (report)

A gala to fight Charcot’s disease.

[ Lionel and his mother surrounded by a few of the artists at the Eden-Theatre soiree. ]

The charity event benefitting research about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (l’ARSLA) organized by Lionel Cuveiller and Les Lumieres de l’Eden theatre raised awareness for a large group. The sick and the healthy, a crowd of all ages. There was a common focus: respect and compassion, a benevolent solidarity. After speeches by the Arsla representative, by Lionel (whose mother suffers from ALS), and representatives Jean-Louis Tixier and Michel Cornille from the Lights of Eden, the evening took off with a screening of the particularly touching and strengthening Clementine Celarie film “Debout”. “Always be within the project dynamic,” Celarie articulates in the documentary, with a smile and unwavering support for her sick actor friend, for whom she created a play, and then a ballet, all so that he could act until the end. And then, the evening was extended by a peaceful musical offering from a dozen artists in the courtyard of the Eden, where the singers and musicians were able to share the best of themselves, thanks to sound technician Alexandre Brun. There were performances by: Dounia Bechiri, Gisele Bellanger, Clara Giambino, Celine Sassiat, Serge Mariani and Fabrice Monleau all surrounded by tableaus and photos of Alain Buisine, Magali Fraysse, Gilbert Ganteaume, Caroline Lamotte and Celine Sassatelli. The surprise of the night was the presence of Lionel’s mother, Elisabeth, thanks to Adele and Hakim who brought her in a specialized medical vehicle from the city center of Garance d’Althen-des-Paluds. For Lionel, there was much emotion thanks to the generosity of his friends; for the public, a raise in awareness and lots of love shared; and for the cause : more than 1000 euros raised for l’ARSLA. A successful humanitarian mission.