Edition #3 – La Ferme Auberge (report)

A huge celebration for “Vi(e)bration”

“Healing through Vi(e)bration!” shouts Lionel Cuveiller enthusiastically at the start of the gala put on by the Vi(e)bration association on July 23.

The 3rd Edition of the “Sunset Deep” concept was a benefit for people suffering from rare diseases and was held in the magnificent location of La Ferme Auberge de la baie des Anges. It was a festive fundraising evening of acoustic piano performances, singing, and percussion. “Saving lives isn’t just a duty, it’s a necessity,” clarified Lionel, the event organizer whose mother is diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or, Charcot’s disease. During the gala, Lionel said: “We don’t know exactly how the brain works, and when there are unexplained recoveries, we speak of miracles. Vibrations and resonances are essential parts of life, so I chose the word viebration in order to evoke the parallel between the music world and the medical world. Healing through Vi(e)bration!” Well known musicians put on a highly exclusive and unforgettable concert with artists such as Alexandre Destrez, the once-pianist of the group Saint-Germain and creator of jazz project Rive Gauche, percussionist Edmundo Carneiro, and The Voice 2016 finalist, Ana Ka.

Amidst this event, Lionel explained with emotion “We see better with the heart than with the eyes. The starting point is strong tonight, with the launch of our association. Music is at the service of medicine.” Cuveiller confirmed his intention to donate to specialist care centers for the sick. “Tonight, our core family is here to lift us up. We have chosen each other. Each one will become an ambassador and we hope to continue to put on future events as well as a festival in 2018,” he concluded.

[Photo Caption – For this gala, musicians Alexandre Destrez and Edmundo Carneiro, as well as singer Ana Ka, were all present.]