Edition #3 – La Ferme Auberge

Vi(E)bration : “Music at the service of medicine.”

The annual Sunset Deep benefit gala for Charcot’s disease (neurological disease that leads to the degeneration of motor neurons, Ndlr) takes place tomorrow at 7 pm. For this 3rd annual event, motivated by the illness his mother is diagnosed with, Lionel worked quickly to create the association Vi(E)bration, or “music at the service of medicine.” From the heights of the Ecuries de la Ferme-Auberge de La Ciotat, an exceptional evening was organized, with a number of artists, both nationally and internationally recognized, such as Alexandre Destrez (pianist), Edmundo Carneiro (percussionist) from St. Germain, and the young prodigy, Ana Ka.
The goals of the evening are three: educate as many as possible, fundraise to bring support to those who are sick and those close to them, and aid in research in order to find a cure for this disease. The event will take place in a prestigious locale, in the heights of La Ciotat after enjoying a festive dinner, worthy of its name.

The artists.

Alexandre Destrez, pianist for the group St. Germain on albums Tourist and Boulevard, on musician Shazz’s opus as well as the opus of group Overhead, he is also the creator of electro-jazz band Rive Gauche who you will discover at the soiree.
In regards to Ana Ka, after having opened for Jean-Louis Aubert and also Zazie, she was also a backing vocalist for the Stars 80 tour as well as a singer for the finale of “Dancing with the Stars”. You can discover more about her music as well as certain exclusive performances on her premiere EP.
Finally, Edmundo Carneiro, the percussionist on St. Germain’s album Tourist as well as for a large number of artists such as De La Soul, Seu Jorge, Johnny Clegg, Jacques Higelin, etc, will be equally present to give us an unforgettable show!